For over 10 years, and with great passion, we have been involved in space design. In our intimate studio, we create designs of apartments, houses, offices as well as shops, trade fair stands and thematic exhibitions. We refer to our studio as “intimate” because we work with each client individually – owing to this, we get to know one other very well, also, we create spaces that are well-suited and 100% matching the expectations of our investors. Our portfolio reflects that, as it is an overview of very different projects, both in terms of functionality and style – as diverse as the clients we get to meet in our design world. On a daily basis, we are in our beloved Tri-city, but we carry out projects throughout Poland, and recently also abroad. We encourage you to send inquiries regarding the estimation of the project via email. If possible, please include floor plans of the rooms which will help us to respond to your inquiry faster. Greetings!