We present one of our favourite interior projects – a flat in Gdańsk Przymorze. Arranging this apartment was not the easiest task. Although the space for development was quite large, the arrangement of bathrooms and the arrangement of the living room – to meet the expectations of customers – turned out to be a real challenge… Whoever worked in the interiors knows that an architect must be a good psychologist – read the needs of the investors in time. It all began with the design of the kitchen – because the owners like to spend a lot of time here, the open living room was a natural result of such a layout. Then, a corridor that leads to two small bedrooms and a bathroom. At the very end, there is a separate private zone.

This apartment is unique – its windows overlook the panorama of Gdańsk. The upholstered hollow is the observation point of changes taking place in the city – it is from here that the shipyard and the last remaining cranes are clearly visible. As for the colour scheme, both the designers and the investors have been in agreement since the beginning – what was chosen were the colours of the winter sea and sky. This cool palette has been warmed by a large amount of natural wood and numerous original accessories. Elements that catch the eye include expressive, Spanish tiles and mosaics. Both in the kitchen and in the bathroom – they add visual depth, reminiscent of the Mediterranean climate of southern Europe.