Each project starts with a short meeting. Then, we set the scope of cooperation and its conditions, explain the doubts, exchange information. You provide us with materials regarding the interior (if possible, the design outlines in the form of the floor plans) and inform of your needs related to it. We get to know each other – we talk about who would live in the designed interiors, what kind of lifestyle they would have and what are the expectations and dreams of the future users.

We also present our previous work and describe the implementation process. We also present examples of visualizations and technical drawings that are created at subsequent stages of the work on the project.

Based on the interview, we prepare an offer, deadline and cost estimate of the project.

We proceed to work after signing the contract and receiving an advance payment.

What we offer:

  • o create a unique project – our goal is to make your dreams come true and to meet your individual needs, to design a friendly interior in which you will feel well and you will be happy to come back to;
  • to select materials and furniture at a price suited to your possibilities and expectations – it is not about creating an interesting project using the most expensive materials and furniture, the trick is to get the same effect with a reasonable amount of money;
  • knowledge of the local home furnishings market – you do not waste time searching for a specific item. Additionally, using our services, you also benefit from our discounts;
  • advice as regards what solutions to decide on, and what is worth investing in, whereas what may turn out to be an impractical solution or only an expensive whim;
  • help obtaining contractors and suppliers. Works related to the interior design can be performed by reliable partner companies. We constantly cooperate with a trusted construction team, carpentry workshop, upholsterer and contractor of metal elements. Regardless of whether the client decides to use their services, the works will be formally estimated. At the stage of order fulfilment, we additionally provide you with preparations of the price offers of individual elements of interior fittings (tiles, bathroom fittings, wallpaper, lighting) from the suppliers we cooperate with.

An important advantage of cooperation with us is the fact (in the “turnkey” variant) that it is us who contact the contractors. After the design phase is completed, you can come to your apartment which is finished and fully equipped, with as little frustration as possible related to contractors.

Our offer, for your convenience, has been divided into three stages

STAGE I – CONCEPT, which consists of:

a. Survey of the premises (if possible).
b. Preparation of 2-3 (depending on the potential of the premises) arrangements of the premises, i.e. layout of the rooms with an example of the furniture arrangement – you decide on one of them, which is then implemented;
c. Preparation of the initial cost estimate for the investment.

As part of the CONCEPT stage, we assume 1-2 meetings with the client.

Settlement of the first stage of works takes place immediately after signing the contract and at the same time constitutes an advance for further cooperation.


Having chosen the optimal arrangement layout, we move to the implementation stage and create documentation which is the basis of the works for the construction team. In total, such documentation contains approximately 9 technical drawings which are as follows:

a. Wall Demolition Plan
b. Drawing of the layout of the designed partition walls
c. Design of the planned plumbing connections (plumbing)
d. Lighting system design
e. Design of plug-in sockets
f. Audio diagram (suggestion of speaker location), of the projector
g. Layout of floors
h. Wall colour scheme

As part of the EXECUTIVE DESIGN stage, we assume 2-3 meetings with the client.


After developing the construction design, we proceed to defining aesthetics. We prepare visualizations and combinations of materials that will be used in the interior. After accepting the visualization, detailed executive drawings of the designed furniture constructions and bathrooms are made. The designs are based on the materials selected. The drawings are the basis for the work of carpenters and professionals who perform the finishing works. Such documentation, depending on the number of elements designed in the apartment, contains approx. 10-30 technical drawings, in particular, a detailed plan of the bathroom design (tile layout), details plan (e.g. plasterboard construction), wall coverings plan, kitchen furniture plan, designed furniture plan, a quantitative list of materials, a list of household appliances, a list of lighting, a list of bathroom equipment, a selection of decorations (curtains, carpets), a selection of movable furniture, etc.

The documentation includes the following items:
a) Choosing the colour scheme of all elements of equipment, materials.
b) Preparation of visualization of selected rooms
c) Preparation of the drawing of suspended ceilings
d) Preparation of executive drawings of bathrooms
f) Preparation of executive drawings of designed furniture constructions
g) Preparation of combinations of individual elements of equipment
(a list of lighting, a list of electrical equipment, a list of household appliances, a list of bathroom equipment (selection of fittings and ceramics), a quantitative comparison of finishing materials – tiles / wallpaper, a list of movable furniture).
h) Performing author’s supervision – 3 author’s supervisions, i.e. visits to the construction site in order to check the conformity of performance with the design and to solve problems related to finishing.

The VISUALIZATION AND MATERIALS stage includes 3-4 meetings – mostly in the interior design shops; each meeting concerns a different room.