In the season of 2018, the Polish Navy Museum in Gdynia welcomed visitors with a new arrangement of the entrance hall. A new store and a museum security counter were also created. The whole project was envisioned in our studio. We invite you to visit the museum, look at the shop and buy beautiful souvenirs, more and more of which are available owing to the new display!

The store is of asymmetrical shape – owing to this, it fits into the geometry of the hall and the facade of the building. The materials it was made of, are a continuation of materials used in the building – steel, sheet metal and glass. The display cabinets and the island have been perfectly bent and refined to emphasize the slenderness of the elements – the whole was made by the company Mały Kowal. It is worth paying attention to the illuminated bottoms of the display cabinets – they are the only lighting for the display cabinets (the shop itself has no external lighting).

The interior is complemented by a beautiful security counter, made of sheet metal and glass sheets by the Barańska Design glass studio. The glass has been modelled and toughened so that it resembles a foamy sea shore. In the evenings, when the museum is already closed, the hall serves as a passage to the rooftop restaurant, and additionally highlighted, the counter turns into an “ice block” …