The architect of this Gdynia, less than 70-square-meter apartment, faced a real challenge. Customers wanted to create an interior in a dark colour that would be both warm and cosy at the same time. This realization strongly denies the theory that interiors in such a tone are depressing. The combination of amber, teak veneer, black and the darkest shades of grey creates a unique atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation.

From the very entrance, we can see the minimalist surfaces of the graphite mirror (it is definitely more subtle than the typical silver mirrors) and veneer, behind which there is a utility room with a washing machine, dryer, mini wardrobe and all the things that are necessary, but can disturb the harmony of this space. The other side of the building is a bookcase with a collection of books and DVDs.

The arrangement of the living room was relatively simple – the relaxation zone is a sofa designed and made to measure in one of the Tri-City upholstery studios. Next to it, there is a dining table, which is the original pre-war table from the home of the housekeeper – the chairs have been selected and restored to suit it, their form bringing to mind the finest designs of the Mid-Century period.

The TV set has been arranged so that it is not a central point in the apartment (although in reality, it is) – it is lost in the black block of the island, which, during social gatherings, turns into a bar.

It is worth paying attention to the design of the kitchen – its abstract form makes it rather a kitchen sideboard, which, along with the island and the ventilation hood, creates a consistent modernist composition.

Beautiful, black bedroom is a natural continuation of the palette from the rest of the apartment. The grey upholstery in the headrest is a warm, soft felt, additionally “cut” with veneer and copper strips, which makes the matt surface gain interesting reflections. To facilitate reading in bed, side-wall Stick Wall lamps from Labra Lightning have been added. A unique element of this interior is a huge graphic of a pulsating modernist city of Gdynia. It was planned by the apartment owners and made to order. The whole arrangement of the bedroom is enriched by interesting details – the hand-made Atomo clock by the Spanish Nomo Design brand from Living Story shop in Gdynia, beautiful pillows and a blanket from NAP Gdynia and Zara Home.

By far the strongest accent of this apartment is the bathroom – it is all black, including the ceiling. It is an extension of the bedroom, from which it can also be entered.

The black block housing the washbasin, is also a spacious cabinet for towels and cosmetics.

In such a minimalist interior, one does not need many decorations – dark walls are adorned with a poster by Ryszard Kaja of photographic landscapes of Kashubia, black masks (family souvenir) and black fittings of the Italian company, Ave.