Realization – 2016.

Area – 180m2

Location – Gdynia

Photos – Fotomohito

Most of our interior designs are designs of houses, flats or private apartments, this project is therefore unique. Meritum Legal Counsel Office is located in one of the most beautiful buildings of Gdynia of the recent years – the Silver House. The arrangement was not easy, because it assumed connection of the two neighbouring premises. The central point is the reception in the form of a simple, oak body enriched with silver divisions. It is worth paying attention to the floor – it consists of panels of carpet, changing the colour depending on the zone – in the common part in navy blue, blue and burgundy, and in the office parts and offices they remain in the uniform navy blue – the company’s office colour.

The conference room was created in a place where there is no direct sunlight. The use of ceiling and walls with barrisol and additional ventilation has made it a pleasant place to work. In the evenings, the only thing that is lighted is the barrisol with a printout of the Gdynia boulevard – it is an enlargement of the photo by Marek Sałatowski and is to refer to the Gdynia lineage of the law firm.

The second direct reference to Gdynia can be found in the bathroom – the walls were designed in a mirror cladding with the print of the Orłowo Cliff – the area of the previous location of the law firm.

The rooms and offices have been furnished with custom-designed desks and filing cabinets.

The office also has a social corner – an inconspicuously looking piece of furniture that holds everything one needs for the office to function – a storeroom, a wardrobe, a fridge, and a coffee maker…