Realization – 2018 r.

area – 170m2

location – Gdynia

photos – Fotomohito

An investor from Silesia contacted the studio. His family’s dream has long been an apartment on the Polish seaside, where they could relax, away from their daily duties. The client is a man partially connected with the interior design industry, hence, he often goes to fairs to Paris or Milan to keep up with the latest trends. As an owner of several properties, he has already had the opportunity to participate in the arrangement process. This time, he expected the project to be very special.

The investor, as a person oriented in the industry, showed great knowledge, openness and courage. He found the known materials and solutions boring. He envisioned interiors that would be unique, exclusive and custom-made. At the same time, he wanted to avoid references to current trends that would reveal the time of the project’s creation. The space was to be cosy, friendly and timeless. The interiors could not grow old with the passing fashion for certain colours, materials or solutions.

Our studio loves a challenge! We knew straight away that most of the equipment of this apartment in Gdynia would be made to order. Creating unique objects and interiors is our passion. The interiors of the two-storey apartment were to be completely atypical, almost impossible to copy. Where to look for ideas and inspiration in such a situation? We started the work by looking at the space which – as it turned out – required many changes in the functional layout. The modifications also concerned installations, including the heating system.

We started from removing the floor underlayment, replacing windows and demolishing most of the walls. Thus, we breathed a lot of fresh breath into the newly created, open space – When we went upstairs, we saw unusual round skylights in the ceiling, which on the one hand reminded us of the full moon, and on the other, brought to mind the aesthetics of post-modernism. These round shapes have become an unexpected starting point for our project. One of its first elements was a golden kitchen island, placed on a semicircle plan.

The investor’s wish was to use golden accents in the arrangement. Finished with brass sheet, the island of a bent furniture board perfectly fitted in, welcoming residents immediately after entrance.

Gold gives interiors a luxurious touch, provided that it is skilfully dosed. We tried to use it carefully to avoid the effect of satiation. We wove the shimmering, golden elements into the geometric floor designed by us in the lobby and the guest bathroom.

All pieces were cut with a waterjet, from a large-format plate with a Bianco Carrara lining. To this, we added brass triangles and strips. To make it easier for the contractors to arrange the mosaic, we marked each part with a number. Fortunately, everything worked out and the puzzle was arranged correctly.

One of the things that the client surprised us with were the pictures that he wanted to put in the apartment. In the portraits that attract attention, you can see the fascination of the African continent.

Travel is one of the investors’ passions. The Clients have travelled almost the whole world and have a special fondness for Africa. Hence, such a selection of works of art. Their climate and colours immediately appealed to us and became an integral part of the apartment.

The paintings were an inspiration for the ethnic accents, many of which can be found in the apartment. The portrait of a woman was placed in the bay on the wall, where originally there was a window. The view on the wall of the neighbouring building was a decisive factor in its liquidation and the wall was decorated with a veneer cladding. The mirror image of its design is a carpet chosen jointly with the investor during the fair in Paris. In addition to the rug there was also a dining table and a set of upholstered chairs from the Miss Carat offer and original coffee tables with tops of stained glass or natural leather. All elements of the interior look great against the background of the exclusive Chapel Parket oak floor. When it comes to choosing a floor, we decided on a dark Karoo shade, especially made to order.

The interiors are kept in warm tones of earth colours. There are many colourful references to the greenery visible outside the windows and the seaside landscape. Blue and grey are reminiscent of a calm surface of water or wind-driven waves. In turn beiges, oranges and ruddiness are a reference to soft sand, wonderful sunsets and amber found on the beach.

We are particularly proud of the glass cascade that gently flows down from the illuminated barrisol structure. This phenomenal lamp is the original design of our studio. We made it with the help of artists from the Studio Barańska Design, whose specialty is technical glass in an artistic edition. Per our order, glass jelly-shaped elements were created in a white, grey and amber shade.

The seaside climate can also be felt on the first floor. All thanks to the sand colouring of the wallpaper. Elegant wall cladding comes from the Vesstige brand offer. They were also used on the ground floor, where their subtle structure resembles linen fabric. In the hallway upstairs, the wallpaper finish is reminiscent of woven baskets, seen in the summer on the beaches. The plane of the wall is intersected by brass slats and barely visible, elegant doors of full height, with hidden frames. Round lamps by Tom Dixon and skylights in the ceiling make it possible to experience the full moon and beautiful sunrise and sunset, in a certain way, also here. The circular motifs and the seaside colour palette also accompany the master zone, which consists of a magnificent bedroom equipped with a Miss Carat bed, a dressing room, a corner with a bio-fireplace and a bathing salon.

The hosts did not want to put the lamp directly above the bed, hence, apart from using the wall lamps, we thought of a different solution. A gently illuminated circle of barrisol appeared on the ceiling, decorated with a silvery stucco that refers to the form of skylights.

We used the shade of stucco to match the colour of the wallpaper, a reference to the sea palette of colours and greenery, creeping into the rooms through extensive glazing. An inseparable part of the bedroom is an elegant shower zone and a part with a washbasin set on a sophisticated console. The mirror is placed on the background of the illuminated onyx, which shimmers like amber in the sun. The hosts have the ability to hide the entire bathing zone behind a practical curtain, which they use if necessary.

On the first floor there are two more children’s bedrooms and an additional bathroom with original Wall & Deco wallpaper. The investor wanted to try a solution other than tiles, so he immediately agreed to decorate the space with a distinctive pattern. The lining was made in the wet system, which allows it to be used even on the shower wall without worrying about the damaging effects of water. The pattern, like other elements of this apartment in Gdynia, refers to the proximity of the sea, which investors dreamed of. It is also one of many elements of the arrangement that we managed to surprise the hosts with.

Tailored solutions and original, arrangement ideas being a reference to the wonderful environment. On top of that, unlimited imagination and consistency. These are some of the ways for us to pleasantly surprise our Client and open the door to the dreams come true.