Realization – 2017.

area – 115 m2

location – Gdynia

photos – Kroniki Studio

There are projects, the creation of which definitely can be called an adventure. There are also investors whose unrestrained fantasy and courage outshine the craziest architects.

The work with our investors began with the design of the house, which was halted halfway… As it turned out, the long-awaited home for a family of four would be an apartment that we were to create from the merger of two smaller apartments.

Fortunately, its large size made it possible to accommodate all paintings and sculptures (the collection is still growing) and satisfy the investors’ great appetite for original, uncompromising design.

The style of the apartment escapes the rigid framework of a definition, resulting in a modern apartment in which delicate, natural colours combine with strong dark accents, expressive additions and works of art.

We live and work at the seaside, thus, industrial, shipbuilding climates are a natural environment for us. They often inspire us to transport non-domestic materials such as corroded metal sheet into the interiors. From this material precisely, was made an island, constituting a central element in the day zone. The enormous form growing out of a concrete screed is in itself a sculpture, but it also houses a kitchen counter, a TV set and a dining table. Its top was made of an exceptional stone – lava, the rest of the construction is a simple body without handles, made of acrylic.
The geometrical form on the ceiling also attracts attention – it is an installation made of barrisol – it makes the interior unrecognizable, it has the possibility of highlighting in multiple ways – it’s also RGBW.

A part of the living room looks like a small gallery. Above the black sofa there are photographs of the Gdańsk shipyard by a befriended artist, Michał Szlaga, and the black cube (which houses the bathroom) became the place of exposure of the fluorescent paintings by Jacek Kornacki, a professor at the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts. Right next to it, we find a unique metal lamp made by dr Maciej Śmietański.

A table with three different tops from the Living Story store with its modern form perfectly fits into the interior climate. In this part, special ultraviolet lighting (imported from the UK) was designed to bring out its second face visible only under UV light.

The bathroom, which is located off the kitchen, follows the colour scheme of the living area. Grey and black dominate, the eccentric element is the orange toilet bowl mounted on the furniture piece made of sheet metal.

The wall from the post-collection brick (brought from the Kashubian region) literally and figuratively separates the daily zone from the private zone with a “wall”. In the first one, there are the aforementioned kitchen with a dining room, a living room and a bathroom, in the second, two children’s bedrooms, a utility room and a large bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room for the hosts.

The private space for the hosts was designed as an individual zone, separated from the rest of the apartment. Here we could allow ourselves to do much more than in a conventional apartment. The bathroom is a space, cut off from the rest only by a glass wall. The central place takes a copper bathtub (specially made and imported from Indonesia), there also hangs a huge photo by Michał Szlaga. The lighting over the bathtub is a beautiful Capsula lamp by Brokis.

In the bedroom, the main lighting function is fulfilled by designed, flush with the ceiling, thin LED profiles repeating the geometry of the glass wall.

They are complemented by a mini spotlight from the Polish company Labra – they illuminate a huge, spatial painting by Przemysław Łopaciński.

Because its size made it impossible to add a headrest next to the bed, it is equipped with a remote control and the headrest rises itself…

In the back of the bedroom there is a spacious wardrobe and at the same time a beautiful display of very original shoes of the hostess.

In both children’s rooms, dreams of beds on a mezzanine were realized.

The height of the room allowed to raise the sleeping area and to give this way some space for fun on the ground and, in the other room, for the wardrobe.

The rooms have comfortable reading areas – energetic colours of the upholstery invite one to read comfortably.

The interiors are complemented by interesting wallpapers and stickers – chosen according to the wishes and the character of the residents.